Among what seems to be an ever increasing number of street artists, the one operating under the acronym AFK (Away From Keyboard), really stands out. Based in Bergen, Norway, his works are receiving growing attention. In a short time, his artistic creativity, technical ability and impressive production of new pieces has established AFK a tier above most of his fellow street artists.

At first glance, AFK might comes across as “another Banksy rip off” , but AFK possesses a distinct style that makes him easy to recognize. He seems to prefer to work within the greyscale, although he adds a little color in a pop-art fashion to highlight elements in his pieces, usually by a subtle use of what has become his signature colors; pink and purple. Other favorite elements in addition to children and animals, seem to be the use of world maps and striped legs. With an impressive production of well placed unsanctioned pieces combined with large murals, his reputation is growing also outside Bergen. Today the signature, AFK, can be seen on walls in Spain, Italy, UK, and France to mention just a few countries. Street art is international and AFK certainly speaks the language.

He first appeared for the public in the fall of 2013 when exquisite stencil pieces combining the sweet and innocent with sobering messages started popping up around Bergen. Children and animals often occur in these pieces, but there is always a twist, always a thought provoking idea attached.