René Konings, better known as Ener Konings, is a Norwegian born and based artist in the genre of urban contemporary art. Born in Bergen on June 8, 1989, he was raised in a period characterized by the evolving of street art in the cityscape. As a teenager he became very interested in art, but it was not until he got his first camera that he developed his passion for graffiti and the urban art scene. He was often found wandering the streets while photographing tags and pieces of his local heroes. After following the scene and its development through camera lens, he started his own art production influenced by the techniques he admired during his childhood.

Over the last few years, Ener Konings has developed a visual iconography and a language used to portray humans fun, soulful, real and varied personalities. He glues up pasteups of illustrations and homemade wallpaper. The intention is to blow life into the forgotten corners of the cityscape, and inspire the audience to see themselves in a wider context. By placing these in the public space, he brings together two often disparate aspects of visual culture, namely classical portrait and graffiti. His artistic expression began more politically, but later evolved into a more subtle expression depicting a walls life course on the street. Removing himself from the political nature of street art, he draws parallels between emotional relationships and the monotonous details that shape our lives. Since his artistic debut in 2014, Ener Konings has worked to make the world beautiful and make it more colorful by spreading the bird with a simple message of peace!